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At FMC, we are committed to investing significant resources in discovering new active ingredients and formulations that support sustainable agriculture around the world. Our world-class workforce is highly focused on providing new solutions to address growers’ toughest challenges and improve their return on investment. Learn more here:

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FMC Has Global Scale to Deliver on This Investment


Areas of Innovation

Key Product Launches

At FMC, science and innovation drive our business.

1 Launch timing is dependent upon obtaining regulatory approvals.


R&D discovery and development are a key component of our long-term growth strategy. We target investing 6.5% to 7% of global sales on R&D each year.

TOTAL NEW Active Ingredients

> 35

many featuring
new modes of action


New AIs in Development

> 25

New AIs in Discovery

* Includes synthetic molecules and biologicals

1All synthetic and biological pipeline information is current, as of November 2020.


FMC’s industry-leading technology portfolio earns top honors.