Sustainability Report

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Sustainability Goals

We have a commitment to deliver products that maintain a safe and secure food supply and to do so with minimal impact on the planet. To reflect this commitment, we reset our sustainability goals in October 2019 to challenge ourselves and ensure that we are helping to create a better world. Click HERE for more information about each goal.

As we move forward with these new goals, we would like to note that FMC made excellent progress on the sustainability goals we initially set in 2015: we exceeded our innovation, safety, energy, waste and water targets.

Click HERE for information on our 2019 progress toward our goals.

FMC engaged ERM Certification and Verification Services to provide limited assurance in relation to specified 2019 environmental and safety data. See our assurance statement on p38 of our sustainability report.

Sustainable Development

Sustainability Assessment Tool

FMC developed and utilizes its award-winning Sustainability Assessment Tool to determine the sustainability of new active ingredients and formulated products in the R&D pipeline and to evaluate products currently on the market. This assessment, along with other stewardship processes and tools, ensures the introduction and continued use of environmentally sustainable agricultural solutions. Click HERE to view to tool.

Product Stewardship

At FMC we promote stewardship at each stage of the product life cycle, and stewardship priorities are built into the core of R&D, portfolio and marketing strategies for a truly proactive approach. We continue to strive for open and transparent communications about our product stewardship successes and challenges. FMC is continuing to phase out Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HHPs) from our product portfolio, eliminating carbofuran at the end of 2019. HHPs account for less than 0.5% of our projected 2020 sales.

Read more about our product stewardship initiatives on p30 of our sustainability report.

Life Cycle Management

FMC is continually assessing the risk profile of all our products. This includes new formulations to extend the efficacy of our products and prevent pest resistance. We are in the process of conducting life cycle assessments on Rynaxypyr® and Cyazypyr® active ingredients.


Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

In 2019, we continued to evolve our ERGs to better align with our business.

We expanded and launched three more: i-Gen (Inter-generational), VIVID (People with Disabilities) and HONOR (Military, Veterans and families).

Community Engagement

We organized 240 community events around the world in 2019. In 2020, we are working with each FMC site to deepen their community impact and ensure they are working to understand the needs of their communities.

Recognition and Awards

Forbes ranked FMC 128 out of 500 companies on its list of The World’s Best Employers.

FMC scored 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2020 Corporate Equality Index.

ACC named FMC Responsible Care® Company of the Year in 2020 and 3 times since 2017.


FMC is committed to good governance. Every year, our owners – FMC stockholders – elect experienced individuals to serve on our Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the affairs of the Company, either directly or indirectly through delegation to management, in accordance with the law and FMC policies and procedures.

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Governance Principles: The fundamental roles of the Board of Directors are to ensure (1) continuity of leadership; (2) that a sound strategy for the success of the enterprise is in place, understood and being pursued; and, (3) that financial and management resources are available and control systems are in place to carry out that strategy. The Board provides oversight of management through its accountability, objectivity, perspective, judgment and, in some cases, specific industry or technical knowledge or experience. With regard to ESG, the Board’s Sustainability Committee and the Executive Sustainability Steering Team each meet three to four times per year to review progress on goals, new initiatives, commitments and challenges.

FMC Code of Ethics & Business Conduct: We are committed to ethical behavior and we comply with all health, safety, security and environmental laws in every country where we operate. As a global company, our common goal and continuing commitment is to maintain equally high standards wherever we operate. Please see our Code of Ethics & Business Conduct, along with policies on Conflict Minerals, Animal Welfare & Testing, Political Contributions and other issues HERE.

FMC Batata Image
FMC Batata Image

Shareholder Outreach: Since 2016, FMC’s Board of Directors has conducted an annual outreach process with our shareholders. Our Board appreciates the feedback gathered from these direct engagements with shareholders and considers such feedback in the Board’s interactions with management, and reports on these outreach efforts every year in the Proxy Statement. Over the years, these many calls and meetings have generated conversation on topics including: sustainability goals, executive compensation, CEO succession, board diversity, board refreshment and proxy disclosures. The Board and management remain committed to continued engagement with shareholders on all topics.

ESG Frameworks

FMC provides disclosures to the most prominent ESG frameworks.